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ACTIVATING YOUR POWER: Releasing the Past and Reclaiming Your Future Saturday & Sunday, September 26 & 27

Marianne Williamson, 2-Day, Online Course

No one needs to be told the condition of the world right now; all of us are painfully aware of the multi-dimensional breakdown of civilization as we know it. But we’re not here to be whiners or victims, we’re here to be repairers of the breach and midwives to a newer and far better world.

What does that entail and how do we do it? What are the keys to unlocking our power to best serve the world at this momentous time?

Each of us has a part to play that no one else can play, and that part is left unoccupied when we do not show up to play it.

What holds any of us back from taking our part in the great historical drama now unfolding, by which we course-correct human civilization in time to save ourselves from total self-destruction?

What obstructs our vision of our innate talents and gifts, and what keeps us from giving ourselves permission to shine our light as brightly as is needed right now to cast the darkness from our midst?

Join Marianne, along with Jennifer McLean, in mining our infinite potential to re-create the world. An idea grows stronger when it’s shared; the more we share ideas in a resonant field the more they will carry force in our lives and in the world.

Join Marianne Williamson on Saturday and Sunday, September 26 & 27. ACTIVATING YOUR POWER

All Access Pass Holders will also receive 8+ FREE inspired bonuses offered by our speakers!

“A Healing Session with Your Inner Physician,” a live 4-hour online coaching event with Lisa Natoli

“Unveiling the Mysteries,” a live webinar with Clifton & Antoinette Sawyer

“Vision Workshop: Creating Results that Matters,” a live workshop with Oliver & Yaulanda Blue

“7-Day True Happiness Challenge” with Maria Felipe

“Sensing Grounding Practice,” a downloadable meditation from Miranda Macpherson

“Awakening You,” free downloadable eBook by Isira

“Dare to Decide: Making the Best Decisions of Your Life,” a 90-minute virtual workshop with Tama Kieves

"Creating Miraculous Relationships: Rocking BigAss Love with Others, Yourself, & God," a free online workshop with Kelly Russell

“I let This LOVE, love me” – a free downloadable eBook by Mary Lenihan

“Free Subscription to Miracles Magazine,” free 1-year subscription of the digital or print version of Miracles magazine for students of the “Universal Course.”

Your Heart's Blueprint: The Role of Heart Physiology in Love and Presence with Sheva Carr

Special Session Bonus Handouts

Freeze Frame Worksheet

Quick Coherence Flyer

Pure Presence Summit HeartMath Breakout - Zoom Whiteboard

SHELTERING IN GRACE: Deep Inner Nourishment for Changing Times.

Through now until the 28 September 2020, we would like to offer a 25% discount on Miranda’s upcoming virtual Home Retreat called SHELTERING IN GRACE: Deep Inner Nourishment for Changing Times. Join Miranda from the comfort and safety of your own home for this 5-day virtual retreat called SHELTERING IN GRACE: Deep Inner Nourishment for Changing Times which will be delivered via Zoom.


The discount code is SHELTER20.

See How Life Works with Carol Howe

The groundbreaking online program, See How Life Works, features 16 hours of professionally produced films that explore the major principles and processes of A Course in Miracles in ways that are entertaining, engaging, profound, and deeply healing. Based on a rich, tried-and-true combination of neuroscience, metaphysics, and ageless wisdom, it is a powerful resource for resolving even the most difficult challenges and assuring greater safety and happiness for anyone.

This transformational program features high-quality animation, powerful storytelling, hilarious skits, and the world's only three-dimensional “interactive” teaching models for ACIM. This often humorous overview of the major concepts is presented to a small class, ranging from seasoned practitioners to brand-new students. Above all, this program emphasizes practicality and results.

Topics include ACIM’s foundational purpose and practices; the development of the ego and becoming free of its dominance; the true purpose of relationships; the practices of forgiveness, acceptance, healing; following guidance/intuition; and making life-affirming choices—all distilled and simplified to speed you on your way to self-discovery. The program also includes an extensive workbook with exercises that guide you through the SHLW course, as well as extra written and audio material.

Save 40% (over $100) with discount code LOVESUMMIT at checkout.

See How Life Works with Carol Howe

Live Your Happy 9-Week Program

Raw, Real and Radical! Based on Maria Felipe's bestselling book Live Your Happy.

Live Your Happy 9-Week Online Program is designed to implement LONG-term happiness in your life by overcoming barriers that keep you from your Love within while having FUN. Learn how to Heal Yourself, access your Higher Self and live your Happiness daily in 9 Weeks!

Live Your Happy 9-Week Program Coupon Code: HAPPY10 and get 10% OFF

Look at the Program: https://mariafelipe.teachable.com/p/9-week-program-live-your-happy

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