David Fishman

ONEness Mentor

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In January 1980, David Fishman was asked to lead an ACIM group in Greenwich Village, NY. Without having read the whole text, and very unsure of his role as a ‘teacher,’ he said, “YES, I’ll do it.” And in that moment, he opened up to willingness and trust.

He has been an ACIM Counselor and mentor for 40 years and is the founder of ACIM Gather, an online talk program created before the internet was what it is today.

David has spent his life in undivided loyalty to the principles, and more importantly, the practices of A Course in Miracles, recognizing it would save him time.

During these 40 years, Acceptance, Trust, Equality & Oneness have been David's curriculum. Willingness to share these qualities speeds learning for all.

Trust would settle every problem now.

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David Fishman