Drs. Clifton & Antoinette Sawyer

Founding Pastors of Cornerstone Life Center, Inc., Cornerstone Life Center, Inc.

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Drs. Clifton and Antoinette Sawyer are both ordained ministers and hold Doctorate degrees from Grace Theological Seminary in Loris, South Carolina. Together, they founded and pastor Cornerstone Life Center, Inc., an interdenominational church in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Sawyers minister as a unit, complementing one another and offering a unique anointing rarely seen between husband and wife. They have a playful, unpretentious style that is down to earth. As Christian mystics, they rethink and reinterpret religious beliefs communicating their discoveries through a simple yet thought-provoking message of oneness with God. Their quest for truth has brought them to an uncommon spiritual awakening making them unlike most traditional ministers. The Sawyers have a unique connection with heaven which has equipped them with an in-depth understanding of spiritual realities. Together, they have become a powerful force of light and love in the earth.

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General Session 2

David Fishman Alan Cohen Aaron Abke Drs. Clifton & Antoinette Sawyer

Title: Establishing the Identity of Christ in the Earth

Drs. Clifton & Antoinette Sawyer