David Fishman

Unhooking from BeLIEf

A Session by David Fishman (ONEness Mentor)

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About this Session

David will be joined with Jon Mundy, Publisher of Miracles Magazine, for this session exploring what the Summit theme points to: "most who glimpse beyond the veil are at some point drawn back into the dualistic dream state. What draws us back? And how can we abide in this state that is our true home?" The condition the imprisoned mind lives in is an addiction to judging stories of good and bad, right and wrong, guilt and innocence. Its need to "understand more" of what doesn't exist, the UNunderstandable keeps the mind hopelessly riveted. The world's screen flashes stories for our consumption, and we are consumed by interest in the non-existent. This addiction to conflict requires healing. It appears endless. Yet, we are grateful the conflict is in our mind, not the world's screen. BeLIEf in our mind/body fear thoughts of pain and hurt keeps us glued to our imagined personal interests, interest in the meaningless. When we become aware of this deception, healing is a choice we must make, and thankfully, can.

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David Fishman

David Fishman

ONEness Mentor