Ellen Emmet

The Awakening Body

A Session by Ellen Emmet (Therapist, Teacher)

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About this Session

Join Ellen Emmet in an exploration of our essential nature, bringing a gentle focus on our felt and tactile experience in the tradition of nonduality and Kashmir Shaivism. This approach is an invitation to simply welcome and experience our body as it truly is in the moment: a flow of sensation, energy and vibration arising out of and unfolding within the open field of Awareness.

Ellen will guide a gentle experiential meditation through which we will re-establish our true identity as ever-present and borderless Awareness. We will reawaken the body's organic and natural resonance with this Awareness as its source and substance. In this contemplation, resistances and chains of bodily contractions, the habits that create the illusion that our identity is limited, located and separate are allowed to surface and to be revealed for what they are: feelings and sensations that come and go in Awareness.

Gently and effortlessly, the body is slowly realigned with our understanding. We may come to feel that our true identity is an open field of tactile openness, limitless, vibrating and ever-present. The body flows as a living substance with more and more ease and transparency and reflects and expresses the ever-present freedom and silence that is its invisible source.

About The Speakers

Ellen Emmet

Ellen Emmet

Therapist, Teacher