James Twyman

The Impersonal LIGHT

A Session by James Twyman (Peace Troubadour)

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About this Session

The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner was released in 1914 and became an instant classic, influencing the lives of millions of people. Often compared to A Course in Miracles, the book is considered to be a nondual masterpiece over a hundred years after its release. In a recent session at the Namaste Lake Chapala spiritual community in Ajijic, Mexico, James Twyman set out to reinterpret the original text for a modern audience, but the task took a dramatically different turn. Instead of the revision James anticipated, the same Voice that spoke to Benner in 1914 began speaking directly to him. What emerged was a new transmission of the original material, picking up exactly where the original communication left off. In this session James will share the impact of the I AM teachings that began with his NY Times bestselling book The Moses Code, culminating with the new edition to be released in 2021 — The Impersonal LIGHT.

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James Twyman

James Twyman

Peace Troubadour