Dr. Jon Mundy

Awakening as the End of Dreaming

A Session by Dr. Jon Mundy (Author, Lecturer, Director, Publisher, The One Mind Foundation)

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About this Session

Why do we need to awaken? What are we awakening from? And what are we awakening to? According to A Course in Miracles, we are already awake. But that does not “seem to be” our experience in this everyday world because “the everyday world” is itself a dream. How then to arouse ourselves to the reality of who we already are? What are the main ingredients in awakening and by what principles do we need to live to awaken to the Awareness of Loves Presence?

About The Speakers

Dr. Jon Mundy

Dr. Jon Mundy

Author, Lecturer, Director, Publisher, The One Mind Foundation

Author, Lecturer, Director of the Miracles Studies program for All Faith’s Seminary, NYC, Publisher of Miracles magazine