Mary Lenihan

PAUSE FOR LOVE ~ Wherever I am, Whatever I am doing, Whomever I am with

A Session by Mary Lenihan (Cofounder, Pause For Inspiration)

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About this Session

Practice experiencing your True Self Moving in The Pause in the trenches of everyday life. “Pause For LOVE” is a Receiving Wisdom practice. Like a mathematical equation if added to or subtracted from the equation will no longer reveal the answer; just as if we try to add to and subtract from Truth we lose sight of Truth. Don’t wind up a “spiritual dandy” – “a blind man does not need a flashlight!” Pause + Receive + Love Myself + Love Others = Awareness + Healing + Why I Am Here + Who I Am. Let This LOVE, love me ∞

About The Speakers

Mary Lenihan

Mary Lenihan

Cofounder, Pause For Inspiration