Tama Kieves

Say Yes to Love and the Life that Calls You

A Session by Tama Kieves (Founder and Bestselling Author, Tama Kieves International)

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About this Session

You were born for these times. What life is calling you now? Your gifts and desires are not an accident. Let’s remove the obstacles to your unlimited strength. In this experiential workshop, learn how to walk past fear, trust the Voice of Empowering Love, and unlock the miraculous opportunities before you. Tama Kieves, a graduate of Harvard Law School, worked as a corporate attorney when she heard “the Voice” and left to become a writer. Today, a bestselling author, international speaking catalyst and visionary success coach, she shares how to use the foremost principles of A Course in Miracles to thrive in your calling, work, and life.

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Tama Kieves

Tama Kieves

Founder and Bestselling Author, Tama Kieves International