Lisa Natoli

Love is the Cure and Answer

A Session by Lisa Natoli (Mindset Teacher & Founder of The Healing Cure, Lisa Natoli International)

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About this Session

Love's Presence is another name for God, Christ, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Self. It is a Power and Light that heals all things. Jesus was a man who came to know this Presence as His True Self, which he called God. It is why he said, "This is the work of God." He knew this Presence as a vibratory force and become one with it and miracles occurred. He saw from this place. He lived from this place. All healing, awakening and transformation is accomplished in the instant you join with this Presence and know it as your Self. Come join Lisa Natoli, founder of The Healing Cure, as she talks about "the cure" in this 90-minute Masterclass encouraging everyone to follow the inner pathway through false beliefs to the simple quiet place where all miracles and healing have already been accomplished.

About The Speakers

Lisa Natoli

Lisa Natoli

Mindset Teacher & Founder of The Healing Cure, Lisa Natoli International