A Course in Miracles

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Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

Bestselling Author, Non-Profit and Political Activist, Spiritual Thought Leader

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Day 1: Event Opening

Bill Free Neda Boin

Meetup Cafe with Susan Telford

Bill Free

General Session 1

Tama Kieves Dr. Jon Mundy Sheva Carr Miranda Macpherson


Miranda Macpherson

Say Yes to Love and the Life that Calls You

Tama Kieves

Awakening as the End of Dreaming

Dr. Jon Mundy

Letting Love Be Itself: Forgiving Our Need to Change It

Gary Renard & Cindy Lora-Renard

General Session 2

Drs. Clifton & Antoinette Sawyer Aaron Abke Alan Cohen David Fishman

Unhooking from BeLIEf

David Fishman

Projection Makes Perception

Aaron Abke

Keeping Spirit First

Alan Cohen

Day 2: Event Opening

Neda Boin Bill Free

Love is the Cure and Answer

Lisa Natoli

The Rational and Empirical Case for the Primacy of Mind in Nature

Bernardo Kastrup

Meetup Cafe with Cyndi Krupp

Bill Free

General Session 3

Peter Cutler Brian Scott Maria Felipe Christina Courtney

Identify and Clear Your Resistance to Love

Christina Courtney

Awakening to your HAPPY!

Maria Felipe

Day 3: Event Opening

Bill Free Neda Boin

The Miracle of the Holy Instant

Marianne Williamson

Meetup Cafe

Bill Free

General Session 4

James Twyman Carol Howe Kelly Russell Ellen Emmet

The Impersonal LIGHT

James Twyman

You Say Special Relationship Like It’s a Bad Thing

Kelly Russell

Awaken from the hypnotic trance! Claim your birthright of peace and happiness!

Carol Howe